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Lighting 101: Shopping for Light Fixtures

Light a space includes several factors in the light bulb to the placement that is light and the design of the fixtures, of course. It can be quite a daunting task looking for the correct fixtures for any space that is specified, no matter what your design may be. Here are a few basic hints and tricks on how you can shop for and find the perfect lamps, ceiling fixtures and some other light fixture for your own house.

Light Quality

Thus, when you’re shopping, do not be deceived by claims that say that their light fixture will create better light than another, light fixture that was cheaper. As long as you’re using the exact same light bulb, the light will be the same.

Another variable of quality is how you really use the fixture to light the space. If you choose for several lights that are down as opposed to using a mixture of other fixtures and lamps, you may find that your space feels rather oppressive than warm and welcoming. While it is fine to use other downlight fixtures and recessed lights, don’t forget to blend these fixtures with others, such as table lamps or wall sconces, to actually create a warm, welcoming space.

Color Quality

When choosing light bulbs for your fixtures, make sure you select the color quality that is same for each light fixture. This means having exactly the same type of bulb. Combining distinct lightbulbs can result in strange or uneven appearing light, which can be a huge no no when lighting a space.

Fixture Quality

Go for a higher quality fixture instead, if you are feeling that the fixture is low quality. Low quality fixtures additionally, are often comparatively hard to maintain, but they will need to be replaced earlier and may be more economical.


Speaking of maintenance, take that into account when shopping to your light fixtures. If you are not prepared to set the care into the fixture, then you’ll want to go for a piece that is certainly less upkeep. For example, that crystal chandelier might look grand and will fit your space perfectly, but it may need routine cleaning of the crystals to ensure they remain bright and flashy. You may want to choose an alternate fixture, such as one with fewer crystals, that will take up less of your time, if you’re willing to clean each individual lead crystal.

Take note of what the U.L. listing is for any given fixture you determine on. This is particularly true when searching for outdoor fixtures or for fixtures for your bathroom. You’ll want a fixture that is U.L. moist or wet listed for specific outside spaces, just as you’ll need these same listings on bathroom fixtures.

Some light fixtures WOn’t function with a dimmer switch and it’d be a waste of your time and money to install everything just to find out it doesn’t function right.

Buying a light may be a daunting task, but it does not have to be! Take note of problems such as light quality and U.L. listing to ensure you’ve got the right fixture to suit your space and your needs.